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"From evolution's perspective, as long as the group survives, it doesn't matter that individuals must suffer.  It's a cruel and brutal calculus." (dnate.com)

I do not trust this part, repeated 2x thus far on the site, though, "We're not hardwired to be interested in the reasons behind character." -- is that not the whole of psychology? But the desire to know why someone does what they do, is not hardwired? Through epigenetics, could it not end up being?

That out of context portion is from this:

"We like to see character in conflict, but we have no interest in the underlying causes for why people have the character they do.  That woman is an FBI agent.  That man is a serial killer.  Watch the conflict!  Why is the man a serial killer?  Who cares!  Boring!  We're not hardwired to be interested in the reasons behind character."

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"I read The Population Bomb at puberty, around the first Earth Day. I decided at 15 that I'd like to adopt one kid of every race, to have a rainbow house. When I grew up and realized humans are causing mass extinction, I got cats instead and now devote my spare time to the "Fanged Wilds and Women Program." Also, I lie around reading and writing novels.


"Women have always been raised to believe they would not be complete and could not be thought to have succeeded in life without the experience of motherhood.”

".... is it any more selfish than bringing ever more humans into an overpopulated world? Is it more selfish than having a baby simply because you want to, which is often the case? Has anyone in recent memory declared that they were procreating out of a selfless desire to perpetuate the human race, when the human race has never, ever, been less in need of perpetuation?"

“not having children is seen as supremely selfish, as though the people having children were selflessly sacrificing themselves in a valiant attempt to ensure the survival of our endangered species, and fill up this vast and underpopulated planet.”

"The argument that lingers after having read the book is that the sooner having children is approached from a rational standpoint rather than an emotional one, the better for humanity, even if the result is that there are slightly fewer people left to enjoy it."


One psychological reason behind why people have kids

"Happiness The expectation of a sense of self-worth, pride, joy and completeness that comes with becoming a parent is exaggerated and unobtainable, making the reality all the more harsher when it inevitably descends. Having children does not make people happier. What's more, Robin Simon, a sociology professor at Florida State University and researcher on parenting and happiness, told The Daily Beast in 2008 that no group of parents—married, single, step, or even empty nest—reported significantly greater emotional well-being than people who never had children,” she said. “It’s such a counterintuitive finding because we have these cultural beliefs that children are the key to happiness and a healthy life, and they’re not."

Yet, to me that is still sick, if a person has a child because they want to make themselves happy....

I Think About Food A Lot

I am feeling a tad better than usual. So per usual, being on a budget I am looking at food recipes. I have one tin of old fashioned oats and 2 of instant/quick oats. I tried overnight oats once and it went totally wrong. I like this page that explains things, because dumbly I think I used the wrong type of oats last time.

I had an instant Quaker oatmeal cup that was banana walnut and would like to replicate it. So glad I have the quick oats too.

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I found a "supportive pen pals" page on tumblr I posted to, though my ad is still being "reviewed". I posted to Pen Pals Now and some other website. I kind of miss my one pen pal I used to exchange tea with, she too did not drive (was around my age too, mind you), and had some similar issues (anxiety I think). *sigh* I have no idea what happened. I am sure I messed things up, did something

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I'm sick somehow! It sucks. I've got a scratchy throat and can barely swallow. I feel off too, physically. Sucks I'm going to dinner with my dad today. Not extremely enthused about that. Was told to "dress up" when I have nothing. So I'll be in a t-shirt and jeans. I cannot believe he'd expect us to dress up, he never does. He always takes us to Chinese buffet. I have no clue where he's taking us today. My sister never said when she told me. I'm kind of happy about being sick, I enjoy being sick to an extent, it's a better excuse to be in bed all day versus being simply depressed or just not wanting to be awake. Although it definitely doesn't feel good. I need to get better. I've become highly interested in herbs lately, I think after I drink down the champagne I bought I'm going to get more into herbs. Smoking them, eating them, and drinking teas of them.
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