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I'm sick somehow! It sucks. I've got a scratchy throat and can barely swallow. I feel off too, physically. Sucks I'm going to dinner with my dad today. Not extremely enthused about that. Was told to "dress up" when I have nothing. So I'll be in a t-shirt and jeans. I cannot believe he'd expect us to dress up, he never does. He always takes us to Chinese buffet. I have no clue where he's taking us today. My sister never said when she told me. I'm kind of happy about being sick, I enjoy being sick to an extent, it's a better excuse to be in bed all day versus being simply depressed or just not wanting to be awake. Although it definitely doesn't feel good. I need to get better. I've become highly interested in herbs lately, I think after I drink down the champagne I bought I'm going to get more into herbs. Smoking them, eating them, and drinking teas of them.
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