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Lovely Little Furry Tails
3ds, abandoned buildings, african serval, animals, arrested development, astrology, aura reading, bizarre, black squirrels, board games, cameras, camping, candles, capuchin, capuchin monkeys, card games, cats, cemeteries, cloudy days, cooking, dream analysis, dreams, ellen page, erotic horror, eternal sunshine, evan rachel wood, existentialism, faeries, family guy, fantasy, fashion, fever ray, finches, francesca lia block, ghost hunting, ghost towns, ghosts, glitter, glittery things, goth, haunted houses, hauntings, hawks, hello kitty, hiking, horror, horror movies, iced tea, imogen heap, in this moment, incense, jena malone, kerli, kittens, lemons, letters, lightning, liquid latex, lomography, loner, looking at stars, lots of music, mae whitman, makeup, mario, mary roach, metaphysics, misanthrope, misanthropic, misanthropy, monkeys, moon, my so-called life, nail art, nature, near death experiences, neil gaiman, nintendo, nintendo ds, nitrome, old photographs, otep, out of body experiences, paranormal, parapsychology, paul rudd, philosophy, photography, piercings, psychology, puppies, puzzles, quotes, rain, reading, sanrio, skeleton keys, smashing pumpkins, storms, swimming, swinging on swings, tapping the vein, tarot, tea, the birthday massacre, the fountain, the moon at night, the moon in daylight, the paranormal, thora birch, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tina majorino, urban exploration, vampires, victoria frances, video games, walking trails, wii, within temptation, worm is green, zelda