Forest Witch

34 alternative (as in my septum is pierced and I dye my hair "weird" colors). Suffers from clinical depression and anxiety, social and general, on disability due to both. Childfree, antinatalist (doesn't come up much in my journal though -- I know the latter bothers a lot of people). Liberal. Feminist. Vegetarian wanting to be vegan. Nintendo gamer. Hulu and Netflix watcher.
3ds, abandoned buildings, adam scott, african serval, animal crossing, animals, antinatalism, arrested development, astrology, aura reading, bizarre, black squirrels, board games, cameras, camping, candles, capuchin, capuchin monkeys, card games, cats, cemeteries, childfree, cloudy days, cooking, cooking mama, craig robinson, dream analysis, dreams, ed helms, ellen page, erotic horror, eternal sunshine, evan rachel wood, existentialism, faeries, family guy, fantasy, fashion, fever ray, finches, francesca lia block, ghost hunting, ghost towns, ghosts, glitter, glittery things, goth, haunted houses, hauntings, hawks, hiking, horror, horror movies, iced tea, imogen heap, in this moment, incense, jonah hill, kerli, kittens, lemons, letters, lightning, liquid latex, lomography, loner, looking at stars, lots of music makeup, mario, mary roach, metaphysics, michael cera, misanthrope, misanthropic, misanthropy, monkeys, moon, my so-called life, nail art, nature, near death experiences, neil gaiman, nintendo, nintendo ds, nitrome, old photographs, otep, out of body experiences, paranormal, parapsychology, philosophy, photography, piercings, psychology, puppies, puzzles, quotes, rain, reading, skeleton keys, smashing pumpkins, storms, swimming, swinging on swings, tapping the vein, tarot, tea, the birthday massacre, the fountain, the moon at night, the moon in daylight, the paranormal, thora birch, thrift stores, thunderstorms, urban exploration, vampires, vegetarian, victoria frances, video games, walking trails, what dreams may come, wii, will ferrell, within temptation, zach galifinakis, zelda